how do you diverse fractions to decimals and visa versa

Just take the top number and divide it by the bottom one.

For example, if you have 3/10, take 3 and divide it by 10, giving you .30 and this is 30%.

Oh, the the other half, if you have a decimal.

.1 =tenths place
.11 =hundreths place
.111 =thousands place

So, if you have .2, it would be 2/10.
If you have .23, it would be 23/100.
And so on :)

i need help with converting decimals into percents... i need help with percents and decimals. please HELP ME

Basically decimals and percents are closely related.

.2 = .20 = 20%

If you have specific questions, please post them in a New Question post.



my god. i do NOT get my algebra homework. PLEASE help me. can i email someone the assignment or something? please get back to me by tonight. thanks :)


asked by CHRIS

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