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"I backed away from him until I was atop the forecastle deck. The line of the crew had split, some to either side. 'Help me!' I appealed to them again. But though they were deaf to Captain Jaggery, they were equally deaf to me. The captain, in careful pursuit, now slowly mounted the steps to the forecastle. I retreated into the bow, past the capstan, on a line with the cathead. e kept coming. Against the moon, he seemed to be a faceless shadow, a shadow broken only by the dagger-like glitter of the pistol that caught the light of the moon" (Avi 193)

Why does Avi describe Captain Jaggery as a faceless shadow in the moonlight in this excerpt from The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle? What does this suggest about the captain's identity? What is Charlotte fighting against?

Can someone please explain these questions to me? I don't know how to answer them.

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  1. The description is quite clear, but what you are intended to explain is HOW these descriptions of the captain (and his men) affect the girl. If she cannot see his face fully and if he seems deaf to anything she says, what does that mean?

    Did you ever see the first of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? If so, think about those ghost pirates!

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