Our resolutions should begin at midnight on January 1.

is there any faulty Predication in this senttnce. If so would you letme know I am thinking it is alright.

This sentence sounds fine to me.


I hope this is the definition of "predication" you are working on.


I have a question on predications on a quiz the question is; Our plans for tomorrow should begin today. Could you help me with the answer

I was told the predicate of a sentence must fit grammatically and logically with the subject Because this sentence is using the word is the complement must be a noun or noun clause or a adjective.

I am totally confused on this sentence i feel like there is some thing missing but i can not seem to find what should fit there.
I have thought about changing the sentence to something like

We will carry out our resolutions beginning at midnight on January 1.

Your change is correct. It makes your sentence much clearer. Your first statement about the resolution beginning January 1 is vague. You've clarified the sentence by stating that we will carry out our resolution on that date.

Is this sentence correct? Our plans for tomorrow should begin today.

Is this sentence correct? Our plans for tomorrow should begin today.

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