How can words or stories connect generations?
How can interactions between generations create conflict? Can words resolve these conflicts?
What can each generation teach the other?
Why might is sometimes be difficult for two generations to communicate?
Why might the words of the older generation be especially important at times?
What besides words can connect people of different generations? Im not understanding what it means, please help

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  1. You need an answer to each of them?

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  2. We do not do your homework for you. Although it might take more effort to do the work on your own, you will profit more from your effort. We will be happy to evaluate your work though.

    However, I will start you out.

    The area is much too broad. You could write books dealing with these questions. Limit yourself to a specific area to cover. Note that the amount of cultural change between generations has an effect, for example, computer wiseness. Distinguish between personal relationship factors and technical skills.

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  3. I wasn't asking for you to do my work , I was asking to explain the question, don't put words in my mouth!

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  4. Hunh, weird. We have the exact same questions...

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  5. so do i this has to come out of you. do you go to connexus @mio

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  6. ?

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