@SraJMcGin Spanish Check

Hola! SraJMcGin was helping me yesterday with my Spanish sentences,(which was very helpful). Could you please check these last two I had and see if I'm on the right track? Thank you so much! :)

Directions: Re-write the Spanish sentences in the present subjunctive.

1.) She does not doubt that we can study on Thursday.

My answer: Ella no duda de que podemos estudiar el jueves .

5.) It's unlikely that we go to school on Saturday.

My answer: Es poco probable que vamos a la escuela el sábado .

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  1. I've sent the link to this post to Sra. Please check back.

  2. 1. The "de" is not truly necesasary.

    5. The speaker could decide to go either way depending upon just "how" probable it is!


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