a) A current of 1.50 Amperes passes through a solution of AgNO3 for 3.0 hours. What mass, in grams, of silver collects on the cathode? (molar mass of silver = 107.9 g/mol)

b) How many seconds would it take to collect 100 g of silver to collect on the cathode if 1.50 Amperes passes through a solution of AgNO3? (molar mass of silver = 107.9 g/mol)

c) What current is needed to deposit 21.00 g of silver on the cathode in 5550 s? (molar mass of silver = 107.9 g/mol) (3 points)

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  1. All three are based on the fact that 1 grams equivalent weight is deposited with 96,485 coulombs
    a). You can deposit 107.9 g Ag metal with 96,485 coulombs,
    Coulombs = amperes x seconds

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