i'm working on this question and honestly I have tries but I don't understanding anything about the question, can someone please HELP me? I have been posted this question and hoping for someone can help me please!

For the following scenario, develop an equation and a set of 5 ordered pairs for equation:

1. the amount a sales person earns is a flat rate plus commission.

2. the volume of fuel in a snowmobiles tank related the distance travelled.

3. the cost of a hotel room is a flat fee plus a fee per adult occupant.

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  1. evidently you have not spent the intervening time studying the problems.

    A flat rate is just that: a constant amount, say $25

    A commission is a certain amount, say $50 for every sale. So, for x sales, he would earn 50x

    so, his total earnings are 25 + 50x

    #3 is just like #1

    #2 is the same, but the flat amount is the starting fuel load, and for each mile, a bit is subtracted. Let's say the full tank holds 20 gallons, and the machine gets 15 mpg. That is, each mile uses 1/15 gallon of gas. So, after x miles, you might have

    20 - x/15

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  2. what is mean the question ask " a set of 5 ordered pairs for the equation" ?

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