Spanish Check

Hi! Can someone check my answers to these three Spanish sentences? Thanks!

Directions: Re-write the Spanish sentences in the present subjunctive.

1.) I feel that she is honest.
My answer: Siento que ella es honesta.

2.) We doubt that the boys clean the room.
My answer: Dudamos de que los muchachos a limpiar la habitación.

3.) They fear that the teacher gives a lot of homework.
My answer: Temen que el profesor da mucha tarea.

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  1. I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin. Please check back.

  2. With that lovely name, Gigi, shouldn't you be studying French?!!

    Working with the Present Subjunctive, be sure you know how to form it (#3) and why you need it. Note the Instructions say to "rewrite the sentences in the Present Subjunctive." That would mean no Present Indicative (#1, #3) and no infinitives (#2)

    The Present Subjunctive is always introduced by clause relater "que" (except after Ojalá).

    #1. "Siento que" could be interpreted as "I regret that..." (Me) Siento que ella sea honesta.

    #2. Dudar does not require "de" = Dudamos que los muchachos limpien la habitación.

    #3. Temen que el profesor dé mucha tarea.

    I'll flag this and come back later to see if you have further questions.


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