Engineering Empires

1) Which statement best describes the differences between architectural developments in Russian and Inca culture?

:Russian architecture used few expensive materials; Inca architecture used plenty of gold.
:Russian architecture was built to withstand earthquakes;Inca architecture was weak.
:Russian architecture extravagant; Inca architecture was elegantly simple.***
:Russian architecture emphasized the rectangle; Inca architecture emphasized the sphere.

2) How could and observer distinguish the home of a rich inca from a regular citizen?

:Home of the wealthy were made with wood.
:Homes of the wealthy had no trapezoid shapes.
:Homes of the wealthy had stone roofs.
:Homes of the wealthy had not motar.***

3) The onion-shaped domes on St. Basil's cathedral may remind Russians of what part of their culture heritage?

:That their religion originated in the Middle East.***
:That their religion emphasized unity.
:That their religion originated in Russia.
:That their religion emphasizes creativity.

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  1. I think all of your answers are right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. ya there all right

    posted by jak
  3. All of them are correct...

    posted by chris
  4. For sure! they are all 100%

    posted by ___
  5. Yes 100%

    posted by Little miss
  6. Your right! 100%

    posted by That Girl
  7. yup, you gottit...even though you already know from what everyone has already been saying

    posted by metakyo
  8. Yes its right I just got 100! Thx

    posted by fox girl
  9. Yep, 100 percent correct. Thanks!

    posted by Warframe is the best game ever!
  10. 1)c

    posted by Mal123
  11. 1.C
    Mal123 is right
    I got 100%

    posted by Nerdy

    posted by triggon
  13. 1.c

    posted by Connections Academy whiz
  14. 1. C
    2. D
    3. A

    100% guaranteed. Good Job.

    posted by Nicole
  15. Thanks. CDA IS RIGHT

    posted by Wolfart
  16. Thanks!!! go 100%

    posted by Greek
  17. c

    posted by kegtevd
  18. thank you

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