One of the thorniest issues in the philosophy of religion is the problem of evil. Explaining the problem is simple enough: How can one reconcile the existence of a God who is good and omniscient in light of how much suffering there is in the world? But providing an argument that reconciles this tension in a satisfactory way is far more difficult. For this discuss assignment, imagine you are having a conversation with a friend who does not believe that God exists given the pervasiveness of injustice, suffering, and evil in the world today. Provide the best possible answer in overcoming your friend's concern regarding the problem of evil.

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  1. This sounds like a question you have to answer. Do you not understand the question? Are you wanting us to help brainstorm ideas? What are you looking for here?

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  2. God does this so when he makes all things right and new he gets the glory, i know that sounds weird but look at the holocaust all those Jews who died most of them went to heaven then he set them free, then he gave them isreal back. i was in a car accident i broke my collar bone in two pieces i lost my car and i turned in my license so my dads insurance wouldn't go through the roof but i still got a $169 fine, but God took care of that i went to court and my case got dismissed now i'm still in school not dead for speeding because i do about 10-15 over the limit ; i know i'm dumb; but god saved my life from the worst i hit a foot thick pole 55 miles per hour my car spun 360 degrees i should have died but God said i had a purpose so he let me live. i got a hare cut and i saw a guy in a cast and i asked what happened he told me that he fell 30 ft that's borderline suicide height now tell me God doesn't have a purpose for that mans life. i hoped this helped i will pray that this person has a softened heart the next time you talk to them.

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