Ms. Henderson’s 5 art classes are turning in their final projects for the year. The table shows the numbers and type of project turned in during her first 4 classes.

Part A
Write the ratio of paintings to sculptures for each class in simplest terms.
Class A(8 to 12): 2:3, Two to Three ,2/3
Class B (5 to 15): 1:5, One to 5ive, 1/5
Class C (10 to 10): 1:1 ,One to One, 1/1
Class D(7 to 13): 7:13. Seven to Thirteen, 7/13
Part B
What is the ratio of the total number of paintings to the total number of the sculptures for all of the classes combined? Explain how you got your answer.

I first added all of the numbers of painting and got 30 then I added all of the sculptures and got 50 .I saw I could simplify both by 10 so the ratio is 3 to 5.

8 + 5 + 10 + 7 = 30 Paintings
12 + 15 + 10 +13 = 50 Sculptures.
30 to 50 = 3 to 5
30/50 = ⅗
30:50 = 3:5
Part C
Ms. Henderson has 24 students in her fifth art class. The ratio of paintings to sculptures in this class is the same as the ratio of paintings to sculptures for her first four classes combined. Determine how many students in her fifth class are turning in each type of project. Explain how you got your answer.

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  1. B 5 to 15 is one to three not one to five

    C 3/5 = painting/sculpture
    3/8 = painting/total
    5/8 = sculpture/total

    3/8 * 24 = 9
    5/8 * 24 = 15

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  2. B is 30 to 50 is 3 to five

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