To clear things up for Ms. Sue and Reed
the question I asked earlier was basically saying..

The question is asking which word has both of the following meanings to both these sentences.

The responsibility of managing or watching over something

The fee demanded for something

I thought it would be control because the responsibility of managing is like controlling and the fee "Demanded" is also like controlling

Question: which word has both of the following meanings?

The responsibility of managing or watching over something

The fee demanded for something
A. charge
B. control
C. number
D. transaction
I think it's B.. am i right? I hope I made it more clear up above

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  1. Yes, now I understand. And B is wrong, as ms.sue said.

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  2. A is correct.

  3. Thank you. In my last post I started to understand why its A.

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  4. You are very welcome.

  5. Does anyone one know the answers to the whole test?

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