What is the mass in grams of 24.32 moles of CaCO3?

So far I got:

24.32mol CaCO3 x 100.09gCaCO3 / 1mol CaCO3 =

I am not sure if this is correct, because I got a really big number and I feel like I am missing something in the question.

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  1. You aren't missing anything. You are right on. Thanks for showing your work. When you do that it takes just a glance to know if things are ok.

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  2. oh ok thanks! also should I put the answer in scientific notation?

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  3. It depends upon how many significant figures you are reporting. You are allowed 4 and I get 24.32 x 100.09 = 2434.189 so you can legitimately report 2434 g with 4 places. There is nothing wrong with reporting it as 2.434E3 grams.

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