1. Read each situation. Write whether a bill of attainder, an ex post facto law, or a writ of habeas corpus woul prevent the situation from happening.
A. ______________ shortly after video cameras were invented, a man evident aped a rock concrete. Years later this was declared illegal. The tape of the concert was recently found in men house and he was arrested.
B._______________ a man was accused of a crime. After he was imprisoned, his house and personal property were taken away as punishment before his trial.
C. ______________ a women was caught while commenting a crime. Since there is no doubt that she is gultiy, congress is sending her to prison without a trial.

2. The farmer of the constitution were not always specific about the powers granted to congress or the president. Explain why this can be both helpful and problematic.

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  1. aped a rock concrete. ??
    found in men house and he ??
    caught while commenting a crime??
    farmer of the constitution were??

  2. I don't get it

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  3. I don't get it, either. How can one ape a concrete rock? What is a men house? The woman was caught commenting on a crime? Constitutions are farmed?

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  4. I don't get it either.
    What is a rock concrete? How do you ape it?

    How do you comment a crime?

    What is a farmer of the constitution?

  5. You have to write whether it is bill of attainder or habeas corpus that would prevent the situation form happening

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  6. Stop! Correct your typos before you post anything else!

  7. What's that suppose to mean??

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  8. I apologize of bothering you I got the answer and I apologize again

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