Find the molar masses of the following compounds:

1. LiI
2. PbCO4
3. Mg(OH)2
4. (NH4)3PO4

Find the percent composition (percent by mass) of the given element in the following compounds:

1. Fluorine in AgF
2. Hydrogen in glucose (C6H12O6)
3. Oxygen in Fe2(SO4)3
Use molar mass as the conversion factor to convert between grams and moles. Remember, in order to go from grams→moles, you divide by the molar mass. In order to go from moles→grams, you multiply by the molar mass.

1. Convert 250 grams of K3PO4 to moles
2. 2 moles of Na3P to grams
3. 95 grams of NaCl to moles

Type I (Basic Molarity Calculations)
1. 2 moles of NaCl are added to make 230. mL of a solution. What is the molarity of the solution?

2. A solution contains 2.1 moles of HCl and has a molarity of 6.00 M. What volume does the solution occupy?

Type II (Given Grams and Volume, Solving for Molarity):
3. What is the molarity of a solution prepared with 250 grams of KCl and 250 mL of water?

4. What is the molarity of a 3.0 L of solution with 39g of Al(OH)3?

Type III (Given Volume and Molarity, Asked to Solve for Grams):

5. How many grams of LiBr are needed to prepare 3 liters of 3.5M solution?

6. How many grams of CaSO4 are needed to prepare 10.5 L of 3M solution?

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  1. A lot of work here. I don't want to just give you the answers but I'll be happy to help you through them. Exactly what do you not understand?

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  2. everything

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