Jorge is painting a rectangular mural. Its length is 2 ft less than twice its width. Its area is 264 ft2. Find the dimensions of the mural.

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  1. length = 2(width) - 2

    l = 2w - 2

    area = lw

    area = (2w-2)(w)

    264 = 2w^2-2w

    0 = 2w^2 -2w-264

    0= 2(w^2 - w -132)

    divide both sides by 2

    0 = w^2 - w - 132

    Factor and solve for w. you only want the positive value since it is a width. Once you have the width, use l=2w-2 to find the length. Check by multiplying your length times the width to see if you get 264. Be sure to use your units of feet.

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  2. fgshsh

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