Writing Skills Part 3

1.Under the Library of Congress system,where would you begin to search for books on the legal system of Greece?

2.If a source is reasonable,we know
A.The information offered up-to-date,factual detailed,and precise.
[B.We can trust and believe author.]
C.the information offered is fair,balance,was to believe,and consistent
D.the information is universally accepted.

3.In searching an online catalog for books by James Joyce,which of the following searches would be most effective?A.Title of one of his books
B.The name of his publishing company
C.The year he was born
[D.The author's name ]

4.You have found an article in The Reader's Guide that you want to locate.What information would be least important in finding it?A.Title of the article
B.Volume and page numbers
C.Subject heading
[D.Author's name]

5.You've located three books on a topic you're researching for an essay.The first thing you should do in determining if any of these books will be useful is
A.browse each book front to back.
[B.examine the index of each book]
C.study the table of contents carefully in each book
D.inspect each book for notes about the author

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  1. I don't know #1. #2, I'd go with A. #3 is correct. #4, I'd think the author's name is important. #5, I'd vote for C.

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  2. On question 4, if you have already found the articles in Readers' Guide, you already know the subject.

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  3. 1. K for Law according to the Library of Congress. U for Military Service... E for History of Americas...and G for Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation.

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