A store sold 60 DVDs. Some of these were on sale and sold for $4.95 each, while the rest priced at $5.95 each. If the sales receipts for DVDs at the end of the day totaled $317.00, how many of each type were sold?

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  1. x + y = 60
    4.49x + 5.95y = 317
    substitution method x = 60 - y
    4.95(60 - y) + 5.95y = 317
    297 - 4.95y + 5.95 = 317
    1y + 297 = 317
    y + 297 - 297 = 317 - 297
    y = 20

    x + 20 = 60
    x + 20 - 20 = 60 -20
    x = 40

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