social studies

I need help check my answers. the * stands for my answer on 1 and 2 I have to answers cause im not sure if the answer is wrong I will put the 2nd answer later.

1. which of the following best describes daily life in the south during the civil war?

about the same as before the war because factories provided necessities

difficult but tolerable because most people did not experience major changes

better because the north tried unsuccessfully to block the ports

harsh because many people lacked basic necessities *

2. what happened to the price of the goods in south carolina during the civil war?

deflation caused prices to rise *

deflation caused prices to fall

inflation caused prices to rise

inflation caused prices to fall

4. during the war, many southerners were afraid that slaves would do which of the following?

learn to read or write

rise up or escape to freedom *

ruin their businesses

join the confederate army and leave the plantation

5. what was the first land battle of the civil war fought in south carolina?




secessionville *

6. which military strategy did william t. sherman use to end the war?


total war *



7. which side was better prepared to fight the civil war? provide at least two detailed reasons to support your answer.

The north was better prepared to fight the civil war. 1 reason was because they had more man power the 2nd reason was because their trade was not interupted during the war.

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  1. Correct except for 2. DEflation? Look it up in the dictionary. For reasons why the North was better prepared, consider industrialization. There were few factories in the South compared to the North. Where are guns and blankets and uniforms, etc., made?

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  2. 2 is wrong. Your other answers are correct.

  3. my 2nd answer for 2 is d.

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  4. sorry not d meant c

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  5. Look up inflation and deflation in any dictionary.

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  6. all I know or that I think I know is the prices rised for them

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  7. If you're not going to take the advice of a tutor, why did you post here?

  8. i did i just looked it up

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  9. i posted that all i know or that i think i know is the prices rised uo for them after reed but i didn't see he posted until i posted mine and i figured it thx

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  10. Good!

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  11. These are the answers;
    1. harsh because many people lacked basic needs. (D)
    2. Inflation caused prices to rise. (C)
    3. They managed families, businesses, and hospitals. (D)
    4. Rise up or escape to freedom. (B)
    5. Secessionville. (D)
    6. Total war. (B)
    Your welcome, :-D

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  12. Is slim shady right?

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  14. @CoolKid yo @THE REAL SLIM SHADY (stands up)

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  15. Soooooooo. is he right? XD

  16. Slim shadys answers are correct 100%

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  17. Slim shady's 100%

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  18. Could somebody post a link that would help out with the last question? I don't think there's enough information in that response.

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