Why are the days typically hotter in June than in December here in the US?
A.Beacuse the sun gives off more light and heat in the summer
B.Because the Earth is closer to the sun in the summer and farther from the sun in the winter
C.because the Earth's tilt causes the sun to be closer to the US in the summer
D.because the US faces the sun in the summer and faces away from the sun in the winter
E.Because the tilt of the Earth causes the sun's rays to be more concentrated in the summer due to the angle at which they hit the Earth
F.Because the moon blocks more of the suns rays in the winter
G.Beacuse in the US there are more hours of daylight in the summer than in the winter

It's Either C D or E but I think it's E

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  1. I agree with E.

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  2. I would say that the most likely of the tilt would have to be 40 degrees because that is the most one that has the light intensity trained on a small portion of the graph paper.

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