I need some more help with these question. Please. I want to make sure i do well

1. When writing reports and proposals, ________.

A. state your reason for writing in the first sentence, as your reader will likely dispose of the document quickly
B. research and being well-informed are important in the preparation stage
C. focus less on the format and more on the title
D. headings and bulleted lists tend to
distract the reader

2. Once the deadline for a major writing assignment, such as a research paper, is identified, an effective guideline for organizing your workload is to ________.

A. review your assignment load at the start of each week, and schedule time only for those writing assignments that are due that week

B. meet all other deadlines and commitments in your schedule first so that you can focus all of your attention to the writing assignment

C. build in the most time for working on the writing close to the deadline so that your writing process will be concentrated and focused

D. start early and work regularly on the assignment, so that you will not be overwhelmed near the deadline

3. Netiquette means that the sender avoids ________.

A. informal jargon
B. choosing "reply all"
C. spamming and sending frivolous messages
D. online collaboration

I think it is B, B, and D

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  1. 1 could be A and B.

    2 is fuzzy. I see that D and B are correct, even though almost no one works as indicated in D.

    3 is incorrect.

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