Math- check my answers pls

Find the area of blue portion of the irregular shape to the right. Round to the nearest tenth.

connexus . com

i'll upload to imgur if it doesn't work

A. 2.7 in2
B. 9.7 in2***
C. 3.4 in2
D. 8.3 in2

i think it's c

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  1. oops, i meant B

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  2. Was told I had to log in to view.

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    posted by Reiny
  3. It's C

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  4. you_dont_have_the_answers is correct

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    posted by anon
  5. how did you do it

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    posted by doodle
  6. Dont ask questions and just put in the awncer. its C btw.

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    posted by Kao

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