Hi everyone! I am extremely struggling with this questions and was hoping someone would go over them with me. Thank you!

1. Which of the following expressions is written in scientific notation?

a. 73.4 x 10^5
b. 0.09 × 10^7
c. 80 x 10^3
d. 4.22 x 10^–3

2. Which of the following is 0.0000000708 written in scientific notation?

a. 7.08 x 10^–8
b. 7.8 x 10^–8
c. 708 x 10^–10
d. 70.08 x 10^–9

3. Which expression represents the largest number?

a. 40.1 x 10^–6
b. 4.1 x 10^–7
c. 0.411 x 10^–7
d. 0.04001 x 10^–5
4. Which expression is equal to 1/8000 written in scientific notation?

a. 8.0 x 10^3
b. 1.25 x 10^–4
c. 125 x 10^–5
d. 1.25 x 10^4

5. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding an expression written in scientific notation in the form of a x 10^n ?

a. The value of a must be greater than or equal to 1 and smaller than 10.
b. The value of n must be an integer.
c. Doubling n results in a doubling of the value of the expression.
d. Doubling a results in a doubling of the value of the expression.

6. Which number is equal to 7(3.5 x 10^4) written in scientific notation?

a. 24.5 x 70^4
b. 2.45 x 10^5
c. 24.5 x 10^4
d. 1.05 x 10^5

I do not have the rest because I am still confused about them. If anyone could help that would mean so much to me. Thank you!

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asked by Tia
  1. 1D ok

    2A You count leading zeros for the exponent, but you cannot ignore any zeroes after the first nonzero digit. They are part of the value.

    3A ok

    4B 1/8000 = 0.000125
    your answer is for 8000, not 1/8000

    doubling n doubles then exponent, roughly equivalent to squaring the number. 10^6 = 10^3*10^3, not 2*10^3

    7(3.5*10^4) = 7*3.5*10^4 = 24.5*10^4 = 2.45*10^5
    B and C are the same value, but C is not in scientific notation.

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    posted by Steve
  2. Thanks for the help. I and the same questions.

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    posted by Victoria
  3. 1-D

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    posted by Nachelle
  4. 3 is actually A, but Nachelle is correct with the rest.

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    posted by Krista
  5. lesson 2 scientific notation:
    1. D
    2. A
    3. A
    4. B
    5. C
    6. B
    7. A
    yay 100% thank you Nachelle & krista!!

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  6. Thank you so much I got 100!

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  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    posted by :P
  8. I didn't read the part that 3 is A but it would've been right if it was a. Thx guys. Krista is right. Also, thx rachelz and nachelle

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    posted by Kelly
  9. Qns1 d

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  10. 1. D
    2. A
    3. A
    4. B
    5. C
    6. B
    7. A

    100% just finished test on 9th grade Connexus have fun

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    posted by Omg

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