Jay, Kay, Ray found themselves far apart for lunch while working in a field. Jay could see Kay, then turned 75 degrees and see Ray. Kay could see Ray, then turn 51 degrees and see Jay. Ray could see jay, then turn 54 degrees and see Kay. Which two were the furthest apart?

A) Ray and Jay
B) Kay and Ray
C) jay and Kay
D) Kay and Ray were the same distance as Ray and Jay

I believe the answer is A but can someone please check this for me and if I made a mistake can someone please explain to me why I got it wrong

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  1. Sorry I meant to put geometry as the subject

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  2. I made a rough sketch of triangle JKR and filled in the angles.
    A basic property of triangles is that in any triangle,
    the smallest side is opposite the smallest angle, and the largest side is opposite the largest angle

    Since angle J of 75° is the largest, side RK must be the largest
    so it looks like B)

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  3. Okay thank you so much, the question really confused me but I understand what you mean thank you so much

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  4. don't know

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