Spanish II

Hi! I have completed this assignment but I felt like I was guessing throughout the whole thing. Since I could not underline I instead put 5 periods and the numbers instead; the answers are below the paragraph. Is this paragraph correct?

Complete the following paragraphs with the correct forms of the verb given in parenthesis:
Hola! Me llamo Alejandro José Torres Ramirez. Yo soy de Argentina, tengo pelo castaño, piel blanca, ojos verdesy 1......(medir) 180 centimetros de altura. Yo 2.....(soñar) con viajar a muchos lugares del mundo. Por eso, yo 3.....(querer) estudiar varios idiomas y aprender sobre diferentes culturas.
Ahore, yo 4.....(poder) hablar espanol y también inglés, aunque a veces yo no 5.....(recordar) todo el vocabulario que 6.....(necesitar) en inglés. Mi amiga Maria Isabel 7.....(poder) hablar cuatro idiomas. Yo 8.....(pensar) que ellas es muy inteligente porque ella 9.....(entender) la gramatica muy bien.
En dos semana nosotros 10.....(matricularse) en una clase de italiano. 11.....(estar) muy feliz porque si yo 12.....(sacarse) una buena nota en la clase, 13.....(ir) a viajar a Italia con ella. Si 14.....(tener) problemas en la clase, yo 15.....(saber) que mi amiga me 16..... (ir) a ayudar.
No 17.....(creer) que me de problemas porque el espanol 18.....(ser) muy similar al italiano. Ella y yo 19.....(decidir) tomarla clase juntos. Siempre 20.....(soler) estudiar en su casa.

1. medo
2. sueño
3. quiero
4. puedo
5. recuerdo
6. necesito
7. puede
8. pienso
9. entiende
10. matriculamos
11. estoy
12. saco
13. voy
14. tengo
15. sé
16. voy
17. creo
18. es
19. decidieron
20. he solido

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asked by Tommy
  1. I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. If you don't know how to make accent marks on the computer, I need to know 2 things: 1) do you have a Mac or a PC and 2) do you have Windows or not.

    Ramírez has an accent because, according to the rules of punctuation, when a word ends in Z, the stress is on the last syllable, if there is no written accent (na-RIZ)

    A few countries use the definite article and "la Argentina" is one.

    1, medir is a stem-changing verb (e--->i), mido, plus centímetros has an accent mark

    4. español (requires a tilde over the n) NOTE: IF I don't mention (2, 3,) that means they are correct!

    María (with accent)

    8. not "ellas" but singular "ella"

    9. gramática (with accent)

    En dos semanaS (you forgot the "s" on the noun)

    11. interesting that the verb is "estar" because with "feliz" it is usually "ser)

    12. sacarSE is a reflexive verb so the reflexive pronoun must be there = yo me saco

    16. wrong subject as it is "ella" so the verb must be "va"

    17. españoil (tilde over the n)

    19. Ella y yo = nosotros decidimos (don't forget to separate tomar and la)

    20. Because the paragraph has been in the Present Tense, I would not switch to the Present Perfect = suelo

    I'll flag this in order to come back later to see if you have any questions. You have done quite well with the verbs.


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    posted by SraJMcGin
  3. Thank you so much!I am happy to know that my answers weren't as far off as I originally thought.
    I have a PC with Windows 8. On Microsoft word I use the symbols to make accent marks but I'm not sure how to on my computer.

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    posted by Tommy
  4. The following should work for you. If it doesn't, please let me know:


    computer / Jiskha / accents

    1. Step 1
    Make sure your number lock key is on. Most computers have a little light
    that lights up to signify the num. lock is on.
    2. Step 2
    While the number lock key is on, hold down the Alt. key and type the code
    that follows the letter or punctuation you need.
    3. Step 3
    For capital letters:
    Ã - 0195
    Ñ - 0209
    Õ - 0213
    Á - 0193
    É - 0201
    Í - 0205
    Ó - 0211
    Ú - 0218
    Ü - 154
    4. Step 4
    For lower case letters:
    ã - 0227
    ñ - 0241
    õ - 0245
    á - 160
    é - 130
    í - 161
    ó - 162
    ú - 163
    ü - 129
    5. Step 5
    For punctuation, follow the same steps.
    ¿ - 168
    ¡ - 173
    6. Step 6
    After you have typed the necessary code release the Alt. key. The letter or
    punctuation will show on the screen.

    Read more: How to Type Accent Marks On Your Computer | http://


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    posted by SraJMcGin

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