I do apologize but I looked in the past post and i don't remember asking about this problem in math. But if i did then I do apologize but i don't remember what you said in as the responce. If you can copy and paste it for me to see. Also I know that i have to stand on my own two feet. I am here for help not to be critize or made fun of. One thing that all tutors say and teachers is if one doesn't know something the best thing to do is try it and try it again and if one cannot figure it out then ask someone and that's the reason why i am here. I am not asking to give me the answer just to help me out understand either the concept or how to set it up the problem for me to Solve.

jasmine -- To find earlier posts, just use the search feature at the top of the Jiskha page -- enter your name or a term that you used in the question. That's the easiest way to find earlier posts on this message board.


I also think that the reason that maths is difficult for so many people is because we make it too easy. This sounds contradictory, but just imagine that language were taught in the same way maths is taught.

Then you would learn to spell for a few years and then some grammar for a few years. You would read your first book maybe six years later. Writing something would be reserved only for the brightest students who go to university.

This is clearly not the best way to motivate students :)

Look at the picture with the frame question you solved two days ago. It is identical to the sidewalk around the plot here.

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