lenny anf george started with 2 rabbits and each month the number of rabbits doubled since each pair of rabbits produced another pair of rabbits.

what is an eqaution for this situation ?
Lenny and george now have 30 million rabbits. how many month have passed ?

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  1. Now = time(0) = 2 = 2^1
    time(1) = 4 = 2^2
    time(2) = 8 = 2^3
    time(n) = 2^(n+1)

    then 2^(n+1) = 10million
    log both sides and use rules of logs

    (n+1)log2 = log 10million
    n+1 = log 10million/lon2 = 7/log2 = 23.25..
    n = 22.25

    after 23 months there will be more than 30 million

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