Scarlet Letter Chapter 9
1.The subject of the main clause in the sentence
beginning "If the latter possess native
sagacity . . . " (line 68) is
(A) "latter" (line 68)
(B) "he" (line 70)
(C) "revelations" (line 76)
(D) "qualifications" (line 80)
(E "soul" (line 83)
It could either be A or E

2. the narrator's use of the
terms "benevolent," "paternal," and
"reverential is to describe Chillingworth most likely represent
(A) his own perception of Chillingworth
(B) Dimmesdale's perception of Chillingworth
(C) the perception of both the narrator and the community
(D) the perception of the community
(E the perception of the town's "blooming damsels"
I think it is C.

3.The phrase "constantly with reach of his voice" becomes ominous in light
of which of the following phrases which
precede it?
I. "like a treasure-seeker in, a
dark cavern"

II. "doomed by his own choice"

III. "strongly moved to look into
the character and qualities of
the patient"
(A) I only
(B) I and II only
(C) II and III only
(D) I and III only
(E I, II, and III
I think its E.

4.The sentence "So the mister. . . defined as orthodox" reflects the paradox that
(A) That which is sensual can also be moral.
(B) That which is restrictive can also be comforting.
(C) That which is free can also be stifling.
(D) That which is fresh can also be chill.
(E) That which is liberal can also be orthodox.
I chose B

Can you help me? If its wrong or correct? If it is wrong can you help me find the write answer.

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asked by Amy
  1. 1 is "the latter," referring to the physician in the previous sentence. 2, you are correct. 3. E is correct. 4, I think, B is correct. I knew I should not have put The Scarlet Letter back in the bookcase! I'll watch for more questions from you, Amy.

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    posted by Reed

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