The scale balanced when n+20=80

Suppose the left side becomes n+3

How can I change the right side so that n+3=____ is equivalent to n+20=80

How can I change the right side to get an equivalent equation my choices are

A. Add blank to the right side
B. Divide the right side by blank
C. Substract blank from the right side
D. Multiply the right side by blank

I know whatever I do on one side I do on the other side

N+3= n+20=80 so n=60 right? If n=60 that means 60+3=63 but 63 does not =80

Please help

asked by Hannah
  1. n + 20 = 80 , becomes
    n + 3 = ???

    what did you do to 20 to bring it down to 20 ??
    I bet you subtracted 17.

    So do the same thing to the right side.

    You said "I know whatever I do on one side I do on the other side " , but you didn't do it

    posted by Reiny
  2. 20

    posted by AJAY

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