Biology check please

1. Who most influenced Darwin's idea that life could change slowly over a long period of time? (1 point)
Hutton and Lyell
livestock breeders and farmers
2. Who most influenced Darwin's idea that some offspring are better suited to survival than others? (1 point)
Hutton and Lyell
livestock breeders and farmers
3. Which part of Lamarck's theory of evolution is no longer supported today? (1 point)
Organisms change over time.
Traits acquired during an organism's lifetime can be passed down to its offspring.
War, famine, and disease help keep population growth under control.
There is a link between an organism's environment and its body structures.
4. How did livestock breeders and farmers influence Darwin's ideas? (1 point)
Darwin concluded that if humans could influence an offspring's traits, so could nature.
Darwin concluded that if the processes that formed Earth had worked over long periods of
time, so could the process that produced the diversity of life.
Darwin concluded that if an organism had a need for a different size or shape, they could
produce that change by using their bodies in new ways.
Darwin concluded that if humans were ruled by war, famine, and diseases, then so were plants
and animals.

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