Please can you help me with the following two questions?
A. By making use of the correct order of operations, which of the following 3 equations are possible.
1) (35-13)x3= 2) 35-13x3 3)35-(3x13)

B. Which of the following does not
represent a whole number?
1) 7 x 7 divided by 1
2) 1 divided by 7 x 7
3) 7 divided by 7 x 7 divided by 7
4) 7 divided by 7 divided by 2
Thank you Sam

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  1. A. You have not presented any equations to choose among. #1 has a = sign followed by nothing, and # 2 and 3 have no = sign at all.

    B. 4 (It equals 1/2, if the 7 divided by 7 operation is performed first.)

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  2. Question A should read - By making use of the correct order of operations, which of the following three equations are possible?
    1)(35-13)x3 = ...
    2)(35-13)x3 = ...
    3) 53-(3x13) = ...
    This is how the worksheet question is written. The answer given is all of them but I thought it would be only the first equation that could be done without going into negative numbers. I have a test on Monday with similar questions and am confused about what i am doing wrong. I have been working them out using BODMAS. Thanks for trying to help me Sam

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  3. As you have written them, 1) and 2) are the same. The third one is not the same operation you wrote eariler. You changed 35 to 53.

    All operations are possible. It does not matter if some of them result in a negatoive number.

    Whoever is making up your questions is just making the subject more confusing. The three operations should not be called equations at all.

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  4. Thanks for that. The 53 was a typing error. Should have still been 35. The question is from an Olympiad exam paper. If I can use negative numbers I think I am on the right track. Cheers Sam

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