Quick english help

Please check & see if I classified these sentences as simple, complex, or compound correctly!

1. His tie is going to choke him unless we can get it off. (Is this a complex sentence?)

2. She laughed so hard until the teacher told her to stop. (Is this a complex sentence?)

3. The leg on the stool broke because I jumped on it. (Is this a complex sentence?)

4. I did not turn off the computer because I thought I would use it again. (Is this a complex sentence?)

5. I have to rest more often since I was in the accident. (Is this a complex sentence?)

6. Whenever I get the hiccups, I have to hold my breath for 30 seconds. (Is this a complex sentence?)

7. Although my glasses broke, I still have my contacts. (Is this a complex sentence?

8. The mouse on the computer moves too fast. (Is this a similar sentence?)

9. Until my mom gets back, I'm not allowed to go outside. (Is this a complex sentence?)

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  1. 8. simple sentence

    All of your answers are correct.

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