1) In the story "A Meeting in the Dark," John's character advances the plot and communicates the theme through each of the following conflicts except.

A)man vs. man
B)man vs. nature
C)man vs. society
D)man vs. himself

2) Read the following sentences that reflects John's thoughts in "A Meeting in the Dark.
It looked so ugly. A pang of pain rose in his heart and he felt like crying "I hate you, I hate you. You trapped me alive. Away from you, it would never have happened."

The "you" referred to in these sentences mots likely refers to all of the following except

A)John's country
B)John's girlfriend
C)John's mother
D)John's father

3) Which of the following sentences from "A Meeting in the Dark" best supports the theme of powerlessness?

A)"Everyone knew that, though a clergyman's son, John would never betray the tribe."
B)"He knew that he could have loved her, even then he wondered if he did not love her."
C)"She and her kind, who had never been touched by the ways of the white man. looked as though they had something to cling to,"
D)"And fear of people and consequences ranked high in the things that made him contemplate the fall with so much horror."

4)Read the following sentences from "A Meeting in the Dark."

"One day i am going to revolt against you. "But immediately, John know that this act of rebellion was something beyond him not unless something happened to push him into it. I t needed someone with something he lacked.

Which of the following traits does john most likely believe he lacks?


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  1. B

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  2. Wtf did I just read?

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  3. And btw its B C B B B

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  4. Question 2. is being trapped between two worlds for anyone else with different answer choice orders.

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  5. 1. man vs. nature
    2. Being trapped between two worlds.
    3. "He knew that he could have loved her, even then he wondered if he did not love her."
    4. fortitude
    5. In a large vault the diamonds are kept safe.

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