A 5.00 liter vessel contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and water vapor at equilibrium at 980C. The equilibrium partial pressures are 300. torr, 300. torr, 90. torr, and 150 torr respectively. Carbon monoxide is then pumped into the system until the equilibrium partial pressures of hydrogen is 130. torr. Calculate the partial pressures of the other substances at the new equilibrium

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  1. Is this the equation?
    ........CO + H2O ==> H2 + CO2

    Substitute into Kp expression and solve for Kp. I get 0.6.

    Then x = pCO added.
    .........CO + H2O ==> H2 + CO2
    old E....300..150.....90....300
    new E.................130.....
    So if pH2 - 90 and goes to 130 you must have added 40 torr. That makes added CO2 = 40 torr so new pCO2 = 300 + 40. If you added 40 torr to H2 and CO2 you must have taken away 40 from H2O the new pH2O must be 150-40 = 110 torr.
    Substitute these new numbers into Keq expression and solve for pCO.

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