Child Development

1) The recording method that's most useful in discovering the causes or results of a child's behavior is A. rating scale.
B. time sampling. C. event sampling. D. checklist.

2) One way a teacher can help a child stand up for her rights is A. making other children do what she tells them.
B. standing up for the child herself.
C. standing firm on the teacher's decisions and telling why.
D. not allowing children to make choices.

3)The Child Development Checklist is an observation tool that A. focuses on sequences of child development.
B. omits references to children's emotions.
C. includes space to record non-objective data.
D. can only be used by one observer for the same child.

4) Which of the following is not an appropriate technique for the assessment of preschool children? A. Visual documentation through photos or videotaping
B. Written standardized tests
C. Play-based assessment
D. Child interviews

5) Which of the following scenarios would be the best example of a time when observation would be
authentic assessment?
A. A preschooler in the dramatic play area
B. A second grader playing outside
C. A toddler on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch D. An infant on her first day of child care

6) Which of the following recording methods depends most heavily on the observer's memory? A. A running record
B. Event sampling
C. An anecdotal record D. A rating scale

7) One of the advantages of using an anecdotal record as a recording method is that A. the behavior is recorded as the event takes place.
B. it gives a complete picture of the child's development.
C. the observer is restricted to recording only one kind of behavior.
D. the observer needs no special training.

8)Which of the following is the most important component of a young boy's self-image? A. His judgmental view of himself
B. His inner picture of himself
C. How other people feel about him
D. What other people say about him

9) Eastern cultures consider a child's standing up for his own rights A. an important part of the child's self-esteem.
B. something a child has to learn over time.
C. more important than maintaining harmonious relationships.
D. differently than Western cultures.

10) Which of the following statements about child development is not correct? A. All children develop at the same rate.
B. Children's development is continuous.
C. All children everywhere go through every stage.
D. Children's development occurs in a certain order.

11) If you are new to observing, which of the following would be the most effective technique to use? A. Tell the children you're going to be watching them.
B. Walk around watching several children before settling down.
C. Start near the end of the day.
D. Wait until you have more time.

12)Which of the following is not part of a learning prescription? A. Activities to help
B. Areas needing strengthening C. Areas of confidence
D. Narrative sequence

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  1. Are you planning to work in a child care or educational setting?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Possibly

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  3. :-)

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. 1) B
    2) D
    3) A
    4) B
    5) A
    6) C
    7) B
    8) B
    9) A
    10) C
    11) A
    12) B

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  5. 10) A?

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  6. 1) B -- Which does your book prefer?
    2) D -- No
    3) A -- Yes
    4) B -- No
    5) A -- Yes
    6) C -- Yes
    7) B -- Yes
    8) B -- No
    9) A -- No
    10) C -- No
    11) A -- No
    12) B -- I don't know

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    Ms. Sue
  7. 2) C
    4) D
    8) A
    9) C
    10) A
    11) D

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  8. Can you check these?

    1a) The recording method that's most useful in discovering the causes or results of a child's behavior is A. rating scale.
    B. time sampling. C. event sampling. D. checklist.
    ANSWER : B

    2a) Which of the following can be observed best by using a checklist? A. The reasons that arguments start between children
    B. The point at which children stand in a developmental sequence
    C. The length of time that certain children are involved in an activity
    D. The reasons that certain children run faster than others

    3a) Which of the following is the most important reason for assessing young children? A. To comply with federal standards
    B. To prove the effectiveness of the program
    C. To evaluate children's development
    D. To qualify for federal funding

    4a) A child who has not developed a secure attachment with you A. will spend most of her time alone.
    B. may keep looking your way every time she causes a disruption.
    C. may repeat the same activity over and over.
    D. may talk in a loud voice.

    5a) A reliable overall assessment of a single child should not A. be based on as much information as possible.
    B. include dates, symbols, initials, or color coding.
    C. be based on a compilation of the entire classroom staff.
    D. be based on one observation.

    6a) Success in completing an activity A. helps a child compete with other children. B. calls unnecessary attention to a child.
    C. is a major component of self-esteem.
    D. gives a child something to brag about.

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  9. 2 and 3 - yes
    4 - I disagree
    5 and 6 - yes

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    Ms. Sue
  10. I corrected the other ones that were wrong can you please check them? Thank you:)
    2) B
    4) D
    8) A
    9) C
    10) A
    11) D

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