social studies

1.Most of the land of southeast asia is.

a. below sea level, so a system of dikes is used to keep it from flooding

b. contained in a vast land mass with very few bodies of water

c. subject to a desert-like climate

d. either part of a peninsula or part of an archipelago

2. What is one way the European nations transformed the landscape of Southeast Asia.

a. Large plantations replaced small farms

b. People moved from cities to countrysides

c. River valleys were no longer centers of commerce

d. The demand for cheap labor attracted workers from Europe

3. In 1954, The French gave up control of their colony in Vietnam, primarily because of

a. A bloody war for independence fought by Communist under Ho Chi Minh

b. The entry of the United States into the war in Vietnam

c. Invasion by the Japanese

d. Promises that the new nation would not boycott French goods

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  1. I got number 3, I just need help with the other 2.

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  2. Okay I got number 1 too.

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  3. 2, a

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  4. i think idk

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  5. 1. C

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  6. 3 is D right can’t get 4

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  7. this is confusing

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  8. 4, 1, 1.
    I promise I just took the test

    Sincerely, ^-^

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