melissa burned her hand on the stove. why did putting her hand in a bowl of cold water make the burn less severe
a. cold transferred to her hand from the water by convection.
b. cold transferred to her hand from the water by conduction. <------
c.heat transferred from her hand from to the water by convection.
d.heat transferred from her hand from to the water by conduction

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  1. @damon

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  2. Heat goes from hot to cold by itself

    to move it from cold to hot requires work, like an air conditioner

    I would have chosen D

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  3. Damon is correct, the answer is D. This must be for people in Connections Academy. I just did the quick check.

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  4. What was the example of heat transfer by radiation?

    wind currents
    pot of boiling water on stove
    bare foot on sidewalk
    microwave oven heating food?

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  5. I agree with Damon and Cheyenne the answer is D.

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  6. Guys remember that conduction is the transfer of heat through an object. Not water. So in that case, it is either be A or B. Convection is the transfer of heat through a liquid.

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  7. C. Sorry, A or C. :D

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  8. Heat Transfer Quick Check

    1. C
    2. D
    3. B
    4. D

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  9. Megan is 100 correct thanks

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  10. Megan is 100 correct thanks

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  11. It d for the last one

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  12. Megan is 100% correct

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