Which of the following statements correctly describes the changes that occur in a sound wave, as it passes from cool air into warmer air?

A) speed,wavelength and frequency all increase
B) speed, wavelength increase; frequency decreases
C) speed, wavelength increase; frequency unchanged
D) speed, frequency decrease; wavelength increases
E) Speed, frequency decrease; wavelength unchanged

I think it is B)

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  1. It is very hard for a wave to change frequency. You have to store some of the waves somewhere if you do that because in the end the same number must enter one end of the box as come out the other. Think ocean waves coming into a beach, They slow down in the shallow water so have to get closer together (shorter wavelength). If they changed frequency, where would the leftover crests go ? The same number of crests per hour come in from the sea as land on the beach.

    C is the only choice with same frequency before or after

    if the wave travels slower, the wavelength has to shorten and if the speed increases the wavelength has to lengthen to keep the frequency the same :)

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  2. By the way I went to some pain to elaborate on this because a scientist named Edward Teller (Google him) asked me that very question in a slightly different manner when I was interviewing for a fellowship many years ago. I gave him the answer I just gave you and he was happy :)

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  3. ah, as happy as he ever got that is.

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  4. ok thank so much!
    it makes senses

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  5. Which feature forms when one plate is forced to bend and dive under the other?

    (1 point)

    a submarine volcano

    a volcanic cone

    a deep canyon

    a mid-ocean ridge plz help

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  6. a deep canyon

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  7. is the answer

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