Please help me... I don't understand this at all. I need to calculate the molarity of the acetic acid in this problem:
A 4,00 mL sample of vinegar (acetic acid) was tirated with 0.1250M NAOH according to the following equation:
HC2H3)s + NAOH --- NAC2H3O2 + HOH

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asked by Sue
  1. So far so good; however, you didn't include the volume of NaOH required in the titration.
    M(NaOH) x mL(NaOH) = M(vinegar) x mL(vinegar).
    0.1250 x mL(NaOH) = M(vinegar) x 4.00 mL
    Plug in the mL NaOH, whatever it is, and you will have just one unknown which is the molarity of the vinegar.

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    posted by DrBob222

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