Review the metric pattern in “Old Ironsides.” How does this meter reflect the poem’s subject matter?

I know this is not a do your homework website. I have been on this question forever. I only know the definition to a meter. So I would really like some help with what the meter is and how a meter generally effects a poem. Thank you

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asked by Morgan
  1. http://www.eldritchpress.org/owh/oldiron.html

    This one?

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. The meter in the first two lines is repeated all the way through; each couplet has the same meter.

    Ay, TEAR her TATtered ENsign DOWN!
    LONG has it WAVED on high,

    iambic tetrameter
    dactylic dimeter

    Do you hear it? Have you read the poem aloud -- with great emphasis on the syllables that I've capitalized and their counterparts in the other lines?

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    posted by Writeacher
  3. Ok now I understand what the meter is. I still don't understand how stressing these syllables would effect the poem.

    Also whats the the poem’s subject matter? This poem uses to many nonword that I can't pick it out.

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    posted by Morgan
  4. What do you mean by "nonword"?

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    posted by Writeacher
  5. Be sure to scroll down in that first linked webpage I gave you, and read the Author's Note. There's a good explanation there of why this poem was written.

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    posted by Writeacher
  6. you just want help on the whole thing so don;t comment on mine when you are doing the same thing!

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    posted by Theresa
  7. It reflects the out burst of the author's feelings and his anger towards the matter..

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    posted by Reem

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