Find the point on the line 6 x + 4 y - 1 =0 which is closest to the point ( 0, -1 ).

asked by Alessandra
  1. rewrite as
    y = -(6/4)x + 1/4

    line perpendicular has slope +4/6 = +2/3
    y = (2/3) x + b
    we want it through 0, -1
    -1 = (2/3) 0 + b
    b = -1
    y = (2/3) x - 1
    where does that hit original line?
    (2/3) x - 1 = -(3/2) x + 1/4
    4 x - 6 = -9 x + 3/2
    13 x = 15/2
    x = 15/26
    then y = 5/13

    now find the distance from
    (0,-1) to (15/26 , 5/13) yuuk
    check my arithmetic !

    posted by Damon
  2. the distance is sqrt(x2-x1)^2+(y2 -y1)^2)?

    will that be a form of interval?

    posted by Alessandra
  3. it sid the distance formula isn't what they're looking for, they're looking for interval

    posted by Alessandra
  4. Oh, well I guess I found your point :)

    posted by Damon

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