Isotonic saline is 0.89% NaCl (w/v). Suppose you wanted to make 1.0 L of isotonic solution of NH4Cl. What mass of NH4Cl would you need?

Question 23 options:

1.6 g

8.1 g

8.9 g

54 g

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  1. NaCl ionizes to two particles. Same as NH4Cl. 0.89% NaCl is 8.90g/L
    So 8.9 g NaCl x (molar mass NH4Cl/molar mass NaCl) = ? g NH4Cl in 1 L solution.

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  2. 8.9

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  3. 54

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  4. An object of weight 150N moves with a speed of4.5m/s. In a circular path of radius 3m.Calculation the centripetal acceleration and the magnitude of the centripetal forces. (take g =10m/s2

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  5. sdfsd

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