English-Macbeth (Please check)

1. The witches told Macbeth he would first become:
a) king
b)Thane of Glamis
c)Thane of Cawdor
d)a father

answer c.

2. Lady Macbeth asks the spirts to "unsex" her so she will be:
a) compassionate
b) more like a man, agressive and unmoved by pity
c)physically strong
d)able to become king

answer b

3. Macbeth's tragic flaw is:
a) Lady Macbeth
b)his pride
c)his ambition
d)his anger

answer c

4.When Macbeth decides not to kill the king, Lady Macbeth calls him a coward. This suggests that Lady Macbeth:
a) is meek
b) is supportive of her husband
c)has Macbeth's best interest at heart
d) is controlling and manipulative

answer d.

5. After Macbeth kills Duncan, Lady Macbeth has to:
a)dispose of the body
b)tell Malcolm
c) smear Duncan's blood on the servants
d)none of the above

answer c

6. The internal struggle of Macbeth's that forms a central conflict of this play is:
a)his cowardliness and his wife's bravery
b)his loyalty to Duncan and his ambition to be king
c) his hatred for Duncan and his desire to be king
d)Both a and b

answer b.

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  1. Those are absolutely "right-on".
    Good job.

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