a wave front has the form of a ?

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  1. There could be a number of terms that apply.

    pressure ridge?

    An isotropic wavefront has the form of an expanding sphere.

    A planar wave has the form of a plane.

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  2. I went to and searched for sound wave front, and here are two of the results:

    Strong acousto-optic diffraction by a curved-sound wave front (A) Strong acousto-optic diffraction by a curved-sound wave front (A). Authors: Korpel, Adrianus; Pieper, R. J.. Publication: J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, vol. ...

    Sound Wave Solutions If the sound is emitted equally in all directions from the source, a spherical wavefront is formed. Even if it is not emitted equally in all directions, ...

    You can find more information if you search for it.

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