Check my answers

Question 1.Choose the answer that identifies the case of the parentheses word.

My grandparents always go to the square dances with the Warrens and (them).


possessive *** my answer

none of the above

Question 2. Choose the pronoun that best completes the sentence.

Rhoda and __________ served refreshments at the recital.



us *** my answer

Question 3. Choose the pronoun that best completes the sentence.

In our family, the best spellers have always been Mom and __________.

I *** my answer



Question 4.Choose the pronoun that best completes the sentence.

Lisa can sit between Tanya and __________.

her *** my answer



Question 5.5. Choose the pronoun that best completes the sentence.

Will you take Billy and __________ with you on the trip?
I *** my answer




Question 6.6. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

Could Leroy and Wanda take __________ place on the float during the parade?


his’s *** my answer


Question 7.7. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

Is this racquet Ethan’s or __________?
yours’ *** my answer




Question 8.8. Choose the sentence that contains a nominative case pronoun.
Research is still being conducted on their herbs.

Has Wes called whom Peter needs for the project?

No, Lonnie hasn’t contacted me yet. *** my answer

Is this the lady who helped you?

Question 9.9. Choose the pronoun that correctly completes the sentence.

__________ has most profoundly influenced your life?
Who *** my answers


Question 10.10. Choose the pronoun that correctly completes the sentence.

__________ was this book written by?

Whom *** my answer

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  1. 4, 9, and 10 are correct.

    You REALLY need to re-study all this.

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  2. Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence?

    __________ preparing a special surprise for after dinner.





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  3. The reason that we consistently do better than they do is not that us are any smarter, but that we work harder.

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