In each sentence, underline the adjective clause and circle the word it modifies.

(I have placed all ajective clauses and the words they modify in parenthesis.)

1. I didn't believe, standing on the bank of a (river) (which) was wide and swift, (that) (I) would cross the bridge.

2. I am not one of (those) (who) left the land to the mercy of its enemies.

3. The present occassion is too serious to allow me to the follow the (convention)(that) a women should not speak in a man's council.

In each of the following sentences, underline the adverb clause and circle the word it modifies.

4. Mrs. Pan missed China (because it (was) her birthplace and home).

5. She felt homesick (whenever she (thought) of China's beauty and traditions).

6. Mrs. Pan's son worried (since his mother (seemed) so unhappy).

7. Lili Yang, a family friend, impressed Mrs. Pan (when she (spoke) Chinese and (took?) an interest in China).

8. Mrs. Pan liked Lili (as soon as she (met) her).

Underline the noun clause in each of the following sentences. Then identify the function by the clause.

9. Nguyen Thi Vinh's hope is (that life in her hometown) has not changed too much. ---predicate noun.

10. I fear (that one day I'll be with the March-North Army meeting you on your way to the South.) ----?

11. (That wounds) develop gradually and then one day emerge is the theme of "Pride." ---?

12. The onlookers watch the accident scene and wonder for (whom the ambulance bell tolls). ---object of preposition.

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  1. Use ( ) for the adjective clauses and [ ] for the words modified.

    I'll correct your first sentence for you; then you can re-do the rest.

    1. I didn't believe, standing on the bank of a [river] (which was wide and swift), that I would cross the bridge.

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  2. Study this and the examples given:

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