Ed. tech HELP!!!

When viewing a presentation, words on slides may appear to fly in and out or dissolve. What makes text in a presentation do this?
A. The addition of text animations
B. The addition of slide transitions
C. The addition of Action buttons
D. The addition of clip art
Is the answer C?

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  1. Action buttons allow you to do things like restart a presentation, go to the last slide, link to another slide, etc.

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  2. Thank you

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  3. Actually no thank you the answer was A not C!

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  4. That's what I said; the answer is not C.

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  5. how to practice creative writing

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  6. haha lol that's soo funny ..... @ anonymous

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  7. 1. B
    2. D
    3. A
    4. A

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  8. Ruby is 100% right

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