Radiation from the Sunkeeps us all alive, but with the thinning of the ozone layer, it is important to limitexposure. The intensity of radiation is inverselyproportional to the square of the distance thatthe Sun’s rays travel.The formula
I=k/d^2 models the relationshipbetween intensity, I , inwatts per square metre (W/m^2), and distance, d , in astronomical units (AU). The intensity of radiation from the Sun is 9140 W/m^2 on Mercury, which is 0.387 AU away.

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asked by Han
  1. Determine the intensity of radiation andits rate of change on Earth, which is 1 AUfrom the Sun.

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    posted by Han
  2. If the intensity on Earth is x, then
    since Id^2 = k is constant,

    9140*.387^2 = 1x

    As for rate of change, who says it's changing?

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    posted by Steve
  3. The answer says the ROC is -2737.8

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    posted by Han

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