Social Studies

Why is diplomacy a key part of U.S. foreign policy?
Because it helps prevent wars and helps countries settle issues and work together I really don't know

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asked by sydney
  1. Sounds good. Be sure to check your book for more information.

  2. ok thank you

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    posted by sydney
  3. You're welcome.

  4. uooou

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  5. trgrtg

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  6. whell what you said sounds good enough, bc diplomacy is just ppl helpin ppl out bruv.
    What a neigh-sayer.

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  7. Posting material from your tests into this discussion is a violation of the honor code that you signed. I am looking into who is posting on here and I will be in touch with your parents soon. There is no substitute for actually learning the materials, quit cheating

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    posted by teacher
  8. @teacher.. LOL.. Nobody is cheating.. I understand where you are coming from, but there is no need for that! This discussion is to help others understand! And how are you going to get in touch with parents???????
    Just asking??!!!!!

    :)))))) #AlwaysSmile :)))))

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    posted by ^^Haha^^
  9. this is retarded omggggg

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    posted by ken
  10. I completely agree with ^^Haha^^. @teacher do you really think you can stop them? Do you think they really want to do this work? the answer is NO and we are not cheating we are just looking for someone who will explain it better.

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  11. Excuse me. @teacher is right, and I will find who is typing the messages and call your parents. You did sign the Honor Code and you must follow it or there will be consequences.

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