Consider the "Preferential Attachment Model" described in lecture 3.3, with m=10.
At date t=40, what are:
(1) the expected degree for node 15 (born at time i=15), and
(2) the expected degree for node 30 (born at time i=30)?

[Hint: Use the approximation for the expected degree at time t of a node born at time i from the lecture 3.3. You are encouraged to compare the results here to those in Question 1.]

(1) 16.32, (2) 11.54
(1) 20.35, (2) 10.56
(1) 14.14, (2) 11.18
(1) 12.00, (2) 25.00

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asked by qwerty
  1. 12.00, (2) 25.00

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    posted by Paula

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